In 2016, Merilba Estate launched Wine of a Kind. A wine that makes a difference!

When you buy Wine of a Kind, not only are you picking up a delicious drop of wine, but you’re also doing something delightful! You’re helping out a bunch of charities so they can keep rocking what they do best! When you purchase a dozen of these wines, you choose a to send a little love by doing something you love, sharing a glass of wine. Wine of a Kind donate the profits of your purchase to your Charity of choice for them to keep doing good!

Dream Big and Be Kind!

The Kind Wine Guys

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When you purchase your wine, you'll have the opportunity to choose the Charity you want your funds to go to from the below two. We change these charities up each project, so stay tuned for more to come!

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The Batyr Foundation is giving a voice to the elephant in the room. batyr focuses on preventative education in the area of youth mental health. Since it's conception nearly five years ago, batyr has reached over 32,000 students through it's batyr@school & batyr@uni programs.

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This charity is the essence of community spirit! Now having raised over $1,000,000 in it's short 5 year existence, Tour de Rocks is an annual bicycle ride from Armidale to South West Rocks. As the largest feeder tour to the National Tour de Cure, TdR splits it's donations between the Tour de Cure and local Cancer Charities.