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Our wholesale hub is a place where all of our wholesale customers can come and check out our range, special offers & learn a little more about us as a company.

The information provided to you on this page is Commercial in Confidence and should not be shared without the permission of Merilba Estate Pty Ltd.


You will not find our products on every corner. We are a boutique producer and we recognise that part of our appeal is that we're not everywhere. We guarantee you will not find our wine or cider in a discount chain bottle shop and we will not undercut you. The pricing offered in this catalogue is the pricing all of our stockists have access to.

This is our guarantee to our stockists.

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We think it's important to tell you what we're all about. It's important because it underpins everything that we do.

  1. Being a small business, you're not just another number, you're part of our business, and we want to see you succeed. We'll help you promote and we'll spruik your business for you
  2. We're not an international producer with a team of hundreds working for us. We're a boutique producer with a team of 5. We know what we're good at, and that's producing a quality artisan product and delivering it with second to none service. You have access to talk to our owners at any stage, and most likely will see Sam, Shaun, Kassy or Kylie delivering stock!
  3. We live by this value in our business and it goes for everything we do. We're big believers that this is the key to us providing you the service you deserve. If you've got feedback or expectations for us, tell us! If we think there's a product that suits your needs more, we'll let you know. It goes both ways!


Established in 1998, Merilba Estate is situated at Kingstown, 30km west of the quaint township of Uralla, a part of the emerging New  England Food & Wine region. Here, premium quality wine is crafted from our cool climate vineyard where we grow Sauvignon Blanc,  Semillon, Chardonnay, Viognier, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Durif. Merilba Estate wines are regularly gaining acclaim  from critics, but more importantly to us, from consumers.


We've been producing New England Cider Co since 2014 using real fruit and real fruit only. We guarentee we use Australian apples, and  where possible NSW apples. We don't use any syrups, concentrates, flavours or added sugar. We are a boutique brand, that means the  majority of the process is done by hand, and you're not going to find it on every corner. We focus on producing small batches and keeping the quality very high. 



NV Blanc de Blanc

Blanc de Blanc literally translates to White from White. Our Estate grown Chardonnay makes the base for this dry sparkling. Made using Methode Tradtionale, this sparkling has beautiful fresh minerality perfectly matched with any fresh seafood.

(limited stock - check for availability).



Our take on a Moscato style of wine, but using our delicious Semillon. Lightly sparkling and sweet under screwcap. This wine is a perfect alternative for Moscato, or can also be utilised as a dessert wine.

(limited stock - check for availability).

2016 semillon sauvignon blanc

A cofermented blend of 80 percent Semillon and 20 percent Savvy B, our recommended Summer wine! With a slight sweetness, our SSB still shows great crispness and acidity, Beautiful lemon and lime characters combine seamlessly with tropical fruit.



2016 chardonnay

Our lightly oaked Chardonnay holds great characteristics and palate weight. Made as a fresh and clean style of Chardonnay, this wine shows delicious white stone-fruit characteristics. Fermented with wild yeast.



All pricing is LUC and includes delivery, GST & WET



A medium weight Shiraz, using new and used French Oak. Beautiful pepper and spice characteristics combined with fresh red fruits.. Fermented with Wild Yeast.



2016 SYRAH

Our estate grown Shiraz, made in a Syrah style. Bright, fresh and vibrant. Aged in Used Oak and fermented with Wild Yeast. Only 1000 bottles of this wine produced.

(limited stock - check for availability).

2015 cabernet sauvignon

Beautiful complex cool climate Cab Sav that has great weight. Rich, bold and with complex tannins means the perfect food wine. Fermented with Wild Yeast.


All pricing is LUC and includes delivery, GST & WET

Quantity discounts are available on most wines, starting at 4 case buys. Please contact us for further information on these. Multi-venue discounts are also available.



Bone Dry Apple Cider     7%     330ml

Made using fresh Granny Smith's, no concentrates, syrups, flavours or artificial sweeteners. It's bone dry so it's extremely low in sugar, its gluten free and vegan. Carbonated using secondary ferment and absolutely minimal preservatives added.

$64.00 LUC / Case of 16


Dry Pear Cider     5.5%     330ml

Bare Pear is exactly what it is, fresh Aussie Pears stripped back and shown with all to see, just how good Aussie Pear juice is! It's a dry pear so if you're not into the sweet life, this is your drink, and unbelievably refreshing! 

$59.40 LUC / Case of 16

All pricing is LUC & includes delivery (in NSW), GST & WET

Quantity discounts are available on our ciders, starting at 5 case purchases. Please contact us for further information on these. Multi-venue discounts are also available.


We've worked hard here to develop a range of cocktails. Some we've developed ourself, some we've developed with the help of master mixologists. Of course, if you have suggestions please let us know and we'd love for you to add it to your cocktail list.

The Apearol Spritz

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