So we've got some exciting news for all you Merilba fans! We've got a brand new wine to add to the range. It's been some time since we've brought a brand new release into the range, probably back to our Semscato a couple of years ago, so to say we're excited about this release is an understatement.

Let us set the scene for you. The best Shiraz grapes from our Kingstown vineyard are tendered to and cared for throughout the growing season, ready to be picked and pressed in our on site winery. Treated with absolute care in this process, the aim is to keep as much of the fruit definition as possible. We let the juice ferment using wild yeast in Stainless Steel, with no oak used during the fermentation at all.

The Result?

Our 2016 Syrah!

So what is Syrah? Well basically it's Shiraz. We can hear you muttering under your breath "If it's the same, why don't they just call it Shiraz then!" It's all good, we'll explain.

Believe it or not, but we're one of the only countries in the world that actually calls it Shiraz, or in a good Aussie accent, "Sheee-raz". Shiraz & Syrah are genetically the same grape, and it's really only Australia, New Zealand and South Africa that use the term Shiraz. The rest of the world predominately utilise the Syrah varietal name. Shiraz can be generalised as big, full bodied wines showing extremely rich flavours (think a typical Barossa Shiraz), whereas the more European/French style of Syrah is typically quite earthy, lean but complex with good acidity (if your not familiar with French Syrah, think full bodied quality Pinot Noir).

2016 Syrah.jpg

We've already got a Shiraz in our lineup which is aged in French Oak, released a couple of years after picking, and is generally a bigger, bolder style. Our new release, the 2016 Syrah, is released young, treated with absolutely minimal French Oak, and is more of a bright, juicy style of wine that allows the fruit to do the talking! It is quite a restrained style of red wine, without anywhere to hide, so the fruit has to be up to the task, and that it is!

We've only made 85 cases of this wine, so it's strictly limited release. The well integrated acidity means it will cellar well for up to 10 years, whilst also drinking beautifully now. You won't find this one in bottleshops, only in our online store or Cellar Door (and perhaps on a few restaurant lists).