So in 2016 we started a wine called 'The Family'. This is a wine blended from our small plantings of Cabernet Franc, Durif & Merlot. These are planted in a part of our vineyard known as The Family Block, which inherently was picked by our family, made by our family and drunk by our family, and as much we love our family, the fruit is too damn good to keep it as a secret! We picked this wine last year (2016) for the first time and given the quality of the fruit, we ensured we handpicked, used whole bunch pressing and co-fermented. We've done a very similar wine this year, however because of the co-ferment, it'll have it's own unique characteristics. 

So what can we expect for 'The Family'. Small batch and always released quite young. The 2016 vintage will be released soon, so just after a year old, and only 1 barrel (approximately 300 bottles). It's big, juicy and spritely in it's fruit appeal. It has a lovely roundness of oak which the Used French Oak that it's been resting in for the past year has infused into it, and the co-ferment has ensured that all the fruit shares it characteristics seamlessly. 

Stay tuned for the release of the 2016 vintage coming in March/April. Due to it's small batch, it'll be a cellar door and online exclusive!

The 2016 Vintage (in the glass) and the 2017 vintage (just after picking)

The 2016 Vintage (in the glass) and the 2017 vintage (just after picking)